Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Eliminating the Electoral College: A Bad Idea

Let us remember, we are the United STATES of America.  The founders wanted most of our government handled at the state level, not the Federal.  This is why the Constitution enumerates what powers are granted to the Federal government.  All other power is left with the states.

The election of a representative to lead the Executive branch (i.e., the President) must be someone selected by the united STATES, not simply by the majority of Americans.  If the majority of voters selects the President then it is very possible for an individual to win the highly metropolitan areas but not the majority of the STATES.  Our leader would not even have the support of the majority of states.  That is not what a representative government should desire.

The Electoral College imbeds the population of the entire country with the assurance of smaller states having a say in electing the leader of ALL STATES.  Yes, sometimes that leader will not win the most votes.  But we are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.

Keep the college!

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